Forgotten Hill series is expanding little by little, but making a new chapter takes a lot of time and work.

I have decided therefore to release some minigames aimed to reveal memories, secrets and short stories about Forgotten Hill and its residents. So here they come Forgotten Hill: Mementoes!

The first memento tells a story about a boy, his best friend and an important lesson he had to learn… Run Run Little Horse




In the second memento we realise that even among the horrors and grotesque that run through Forgotten Hill, there is still room for love, but it’s a love beyond…




In Forgotten Hill you cannot simply bury your secrets, find out what happened in Forgotten Hill Memento – Buried Things:


Sometimes what happens to a child is the reason for what he becomes when growing up. Let’s discover another resident story in Forgotten Hill Memento – Playground:


The mystery continues on