Z-SLASH [Android]


Z-Slash is a fun action game. The gameplay is easy but addicting at the same time: you play as a knight who has been sent to clean the village from an strange horde of undead creatures. they are attacking from left, right, everywhere!

There are two different kind of levels: in the first one Zombies are coming from sides and you have to tap left or right side of screen to slash and eliminate them, in the other one you are running for your life and need to slash Zombies on your way carefully dodging obstacles!

Z-Slash is available on Google Play with live scoreboards and achievements and it’s FREE, so please download it and let me know what you think.


It will be very soon also on the Amazon App Store, so stay tuned!

An HTML5, mobile friendly version will be also available in a short time, in the meantime enjoy some screenshots!


sc1          sc3          sc2